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AN AI-powered digital twin of the Human body for next-generation healthcare

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How MindLink works

Your personal AI health agent

guides you through movement therapy and mindfulness exercises

Biomarker Collection

Motion Capture

Projection mapping

Embody a digital twin

With any camera, MindLink will sense and collect data about movement to analyse your health and stress levels.

MindLink emits immersive audio-visual cues -- to encourage actions designed for relaxation and wellbeing.

Dynamic Halftone Wave



Portable, 360° floor to ceiling projection.

Accessible peripheral interfaces designed for mental and physical health.

Modular, interoperable.

Any camera, any projector.

Computer vision spatial capture permits automated projection mapping on surfaces and objects.

Broadcast to multiple devices.

Digital, analogue and legacy.

Modern TV Illusrtration

Create stunning immersive environments with the technology you already have.


Speech and gesture based world-building

on the browser.

Adaptive, Generative AI

Speech-to-image rendering of avatars, objects, and environments create scenes that move and breathe with your real-time body. Optimise for the task at hand.

Dynamic Halftone Wave


Our product serves three core markets

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Sunlight Water Reflection
Water Reflection Texture
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Surface Relief Wireframe Grid or Terrain 3D Model

Reseach + Healthcare

Media + Entertainment

Education + Training

Generative AI-powered immersive environments alter physiological states to optimize learning, health and creativity.

Reseach + Healthcare

Stretch and shrink illusions have reduced pain by 40% in painful knee osteoarthritis in the short term (Stanton et al., 2018).

Mind-body illusions allow the sense of presence in a virtual self

Education + Training

Community building through co-created and shared immersive experiences.

Built to bring people together.

Media + Entertainment

Shape the technology that shapes us.

Step into a 360 degree immersive canvas.

Explore what empowers you.

Create, move and express.



Ariel Marilyn Sereda

Neuroscience PhD | UCL

Pain Therapist

Digital Graphics

Equestrian Sport


Heema Gokani

MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences

VR for treating dementia


Alex Palermo


Max Burstyn

Computer vision / Machine learning engineer

Previous CTO & Co-founder at Armada IQ

Techstars '22

Interactive Audiovisual programmer for Therapy

Film composer

Classical Pianist

Dynamic Halftone Wave